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A Brief Autobiographical Sketch of Fred Koschara:

I am a creative, ambitious entrepreneur, with an interest in a wide variety of fields. My primary objective is to build a privately funded space program, move off-planet, and make money in the process. However, I have not yet successfully built a way to finance going right into that project and still cover my current expenses. Consequently, I've worked in a wide variety of "temporary" jobs and delved into a number of other efforts with the intent of building enough income to support my ultimate endeavor. This site contains links to most of the Web based ones, some of which are more active than others.

My employment background, while primarily centered on [computer] software and hardware development, is highly diversified and touches on many other fields. I have extensive experience in Windows software development (primarily in C and C++), with concentrations in user interface and experience (look and feel, usability, etc.), multi-threading and graphics. I also have done a lot of Web development work, most of which has been done using PHP/MySQL with Apache under Linux and FreeBSD (with some server code development done in C++). Recently I've been working in a Python/PostgreSQL environment, and have been using CSS and Javascript frequently in my "front-end" work. I've done effectively all of the development of the sites for the 450+ domain names I own, some of which are obviously more complete than others. I am also conversant in 'nix scripting languages and Perl, and have several years of experience operating and administering a FreeBSD-based server (Web, Sendmail, FTP, DNS). I keep a (fairly) current copy of my resume on the Web at http://wfredk.com/bio/resume.php which contains a more complete picture of my experience in the computer industry. I have a Web code sample posted that I developed while applying for a job, along with the project specification.

I am also an avid photographer, and four of my current Web sites are geared toward capitalizing on my work. http://PhotoByFred.com and http://LimitedEditionPhoto.com have the most complete public-facing sections and fairly complete administrative back ends. http://PuzzleByFred.com has a significant part of its administration system complete, but the public part is unfinished. I will start serious work on http://PosterByFred.com when the other three are more fully developed.

In theory, the reason doing all of this is to generate enough revenue so I can spend my time pursuing my true career goals, stated on my resume as

Ultimate Career Goal

I am working toward the design, construction and habitation of space colonies in the shortest possible time frame, to allow expansion of the human race beyond the current terrestrial limitations, and to allow independent living groups the opportunity to decide their own fate. I do not foresee realization of this goal within the present government-structured space programs. Therefore, I am working toward achieving my objectives through for-profit commercial enterprises.

Immediate Employment Objective

I aim to be the chief architect/designer of a major commercial (for-profit private enterprise) space exploration and development company, the system-level idea man, painting with broad strokes, identifying the science and technology needed to build the complete system.

( More in my blog at Reaching for my dreams )